Help Stop The Spread: Make Sheltering In Place Easier With These 5 Items


M.R.E Meals

Avoid leaving your house as often as possible with our MRE meals from Mountain House. These meal kits provide you with delicious hot meals that are ready to eat, long-lasting, and perfect for emergency preparedness kits. We have tons of different flavors to satisfy your pallet. Enjoy breakfast skillets, scrambled eggs or lunch entrees such as spaghetti or beef stew. Stay home and stay healthy!

Canned Water

Be prepared for any emergency. Our 24 pk of Blue Can Water is affordable and lasts over 50 years. 


Foaming Hand Sanitizer - Alcohol Free

Stay prepared with waterless protection from viruses and disease. This ALCOHOL-FREE 1.69 FL OZ foaming hand sanitizer is not as effective as 60% alcohol, but it's better and more effective than basic soap and water. According to the CDC, its not as effective as alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The alcohol-free, no-rinse formula is perfect for situations when there is simply no time or place to wash with soap and water. 

Stretch Microfiber Multi Wrap

States continue to enforce wearing face masks in public. If you are unable to find a medical mask, you can cover your face with the Stretch Microfiber Multi Wrap. Equipped with seamless construction for comfort and an anti-static and moisture wicking. This multi wrap features a stretchable polyester micro-fiber for comfort. NOTE: This is not a medical mask and will not guarantee protection from COVID-19.


Paisley Bandana

For another face covering option, use our Paisley Bandana from Carolina Manufacturing. The Paisley Bandana comes in a variety of colors and has a budget friendly price point. NOTE: This is not a medical mask and will not guarantee protection from COVID-19. 

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