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Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Free

Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol Free

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1.69 FL OZ hand sanitizer. 

DISCLAIMER, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING: This is not as effective as 60% alcohol, but it's better and more effective than basic soap and water. According to the CDC, its not as effective as alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

ALCOHOL-FREE FOAMING HAND SANITIZER U.S. Military antiseptic foam hand sanitizer is waterless protection from viruses and disease in the field. The alcohol-free, no-rinse formula is perfect for situations when there is simply no time or place to wash with soap and water. Current U.S. Military issue. Measures 4.75" x 1.25 Dia". Weighs .16 lbs. (50 ML) #02-0646

  • "At a time when hand sanitizers are short on supply, benzalkonium chloride products are better than nothing" Quote from Infections Disease Specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine

Antiseptic Foam, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%

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