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Surplus Yugoslavian MC-1 Gas Mask

Surplus Yugoslavian MC-1 Gas Mask

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The M-1 or M-59 was a standard issue gas mask gas mask for troops in Yugoslavia, as well as for SFRY successor states (Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Serbia). It was issued to miltiary personnel and civilians from the late 1960s to late 1995. The mask was used during the entirety of the Yugoslav wars. The mask is a copy of the U.S. M9A1 Gas Mask, following a trend of that time along with the Finnish M61 and Swedish M51. Like the M9A1, it uses a 60mm thread for the filter. The mask was produced in two models: M-1 and MC-1. The only difference between them is that the MC-1 lacks the oral-nasal cup. The M-1 gas mask has M-59 marked in raised rubber, while the MC-1 has a white "MC-1" stamp over this marking. The mask uses a very simple code along the cheek that shows the mask's production year, batch number, and number of masks produced in that batch. 78-002-007. The filters issued with the mask are also marked with date of manufacture and series number like "83-011".

The MC-1, originally intended for civil defense, includes the mask and filter with the bag and a protection kit.

The mask was considered outdated by the time it was issued, because of the major developments that came in the Gas Mask industry, but it worked for its original purpose as a civil defense mask with protective kit.

  • All included items are no longer expected to function and are being sold as novelties.
  • These gas masks are sold as surplus items in as-is condition and are not returnable.
  • We cannot guarantee the mask to do what is what originally designed to do, they were bought on a military surplus auction, therefore we do not know where they have been stored, how long etc, so we have to sell them as props or for novelty purposes only.

Please click here to read our gas mask disclaimer. 

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